The dog ear spotted trump

The dog ear spotted trump

In the United States the mistress of the dog named Chip was discovered in his ear, the profile of the President of Donald trump. The published in Twitter-account doddsy1975. “My friend from Facebook found trump in the ear of his dog,” explained a user.

Lass I know on Facebook has just discovered @realDonaldTrump in her dogs ear.

— The Unlikely Lad (@doddsy1975) November 4, 2017

Two days post doddsy1975 scored more than 43 thousand likes, 17 thousand retweets. “Thank God that’s not my dog,” said one commenter. “That’s really nasty build-up”, — said the other.

Some started to wonder about the appearance of a pet. “I hope this dog’s super sweet looks that compensate for this misunderstanding,” said Rammi.

This is a Chief who’s poorly ear it is 🙂

— Jade Robinson (@JVR1992) November 4, 2017

Twitter users are invited to nominate the dog for President of the United States, noting that the animal is much smarter and more effective than the current American leader.