Scientists have named the 2017 one of the three hottest in history

Scientists have named the 2017 one of the three hottest in history

Because of human activities, global warming will continue, leading to hurricanes, floods, droughts.

Moscow. 6 Nov. INTERFAX.RU 2017 will be one of the three most hot for all history of meteorological observations, reports The Guardian with reference to the conclusions of the world meteorological organization (WMO).

The results of the research were presented in Bonn, where the international summit on the protection of the planet from climate change.

The temperature for the first nine months of 2017 not exceeded 2016, which set records due to the period of El niño, but was higher than in all the years leading up to 2015.

The phenomenon of El niño is associated with changes in climate indicators in the Pacific region, which is characterized by an increase in temperature of surface water in the Pacific ocean and leads to natural disasters. The effect is observed every 3-7 years.

The Secretary General of WMO, petteri Taalas said that the past three years are three of the hottest and the General trend remains the same.

“We have seen exceptional weather phenomena: in Asia, the temperature reached 50 degrees Celsius, a record in its power the storms came, one after another in the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean, reaching even the shores of Ireland, millions of people suffered from heavy rains and floods, while in East Africa there is a drought”, — he reminded.