Putin submitted to the state Duma a bill on security of heads of subjects of Russia

Putin submitted to the state Duma a bill on security of heads of subjects of Russia

The President proposed to give powers to ensure Resguardo.

Moscow. 6 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the Duma introduced a bill according to which Regardie is empowered to ensure the safety of the higher officials of subjects of the Russian Federation, the corresponding action is taken by the decision of the head of state.

Amendments proposed to make the current Federal law “About the army national guard”. The text of the bill posted in the database of the lower house of the Russian Parliament.

The bill establishes that the security of senior officials of constituent entities of the Russian Federation (heads of higher Executive bodies of state power of constituent entities of Russia) and other persons will be carried out in accordance with procedures approved by the President.

The security of heads of regions “is supposed to be done only on a contractual basis, and other persons, as a rule, on a contractual basis, if the President of the Russian Federation does not decide otherwise”, it is specified in the accompanying materials.

It is expected that the law will enter into force 180 days after its official publication.

The head of state appointed Deputy Director of Regardie — chief of the national guard troops of the Russian Federation Sergey Lebedev as its official representative during the consideration of the bill in the Federal Assembly.

At the conclusion of the government draft law States that the Cabinet of Ministers supports this legislative initiative. The accompanying materials also clarifies that its implementation will not require additional allocations from the Federal budget.