Putin proposed to entrust the protection of the governors of Regardie

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma a draft law on the delegation of powers Regardie security the governors of the Russian regions. The document is available in the database of the bills of the state Duma.

Security of heads of regions “is supposed to be done only on a contractual basis, and other persons — usually on a contractual basis, if the Russian President does not decide otherwise”. Means that Asgardia will receive under the contracts will flow to the Federal budget. Rates for security services will be determined by the government.

Putin has appointed the Deputy Director of Regardie Sergei Lebedev as its official representative during the consideration of the bill in the Federal Assembly.

Federal service of national guard troops (Regardie) established by a presidential decree of 5 April 2016. The office includes the troops of the national guard (former interior troops), and regional SWAT teams and riot police. In addition, he was transferred to the FSUE “Protection” and private security of the Ministry of interior, Center for special purpose rapid reaction force and aviation Ministry of interior. Also Regardie focused structure, which led licensing work in terms of arms trafficking and the provision of private security services.