Poland legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes

Poland legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes

According to authorities, about 300 thousand patients in need of such therapy.

WARSAW, November 6. /Offset. TASS Irina Polina/. In Poland last week entered into force the new law on the legalization of marijuana for use for medical purposes. Normative act was passed by Parliament this summer.

Under the new law, the preparations of cannabis can now be produced in pharmacies based on the prescription of a doctor of material supplied from abroad.

The Polish pharmaceutical chamber States that the pharmacy in the Republic is prepared to issue medications containing marijuana. By words a press-the Secretary of Commerce Tomas Lelena, from 15 thousand pharmacies in Poland about 90% adapted to the production of medicines based on this recipe.

“The cost for one gram of medical marijuana is estimated to be 50-60 PLN ($13-16), and the cost of monthly therapy would be about 2 thousand zlotys ($555),” — said Lalena. The state will not Fund the purchase of such drugs, as is the case with most pharmaceutical drugs sold to the citizens with greater or lesser discount.