In Crimea, declared “the opening of the schemes to discredit the” Peninsula

Dmitry Polonsky

Crimean authorities “revealed plans to discredit the Peninsula”, which was prepared in Kiev. About it RIA Novosti said the Vice-Premier of the government of the Republic of Dmitry Polonsky.

“Manages all of these center created by Kiev to discredit the Russian and Crimean authorities and in General all those processes that occur in the Republic of Crimea and the Russian Federation as a whole,” the official said. He States that “the centre oversee the Ukrainian and Western intelligence services.”

The campaign to discredit the Crimea can be seen in online media and social networks, says Polonsky. What exactly is defamation, it is not reported.

The head of the Crimean government Sergey Feldman November 4, once again said that against Russia and Crimea allegedly “unleashed a large-scale information war”. As posted in the official Facebook, “to subversive activities brought by the Crimean people who left the Peninsula after reunification with Russia became enemies of the Crimea.” In the war, says Feldman, “use, and our fellow citizens — sometimes “blind”, and sometimes for money.”

Kyiv November 1, introduced in the UN resolution on the return of the Crimea to the Ukraine. The head of the Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin had earlier called this a radical document, it considers the Minister can be used against Russia in international courts. The representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea Borys Babin later said that Kiev intends “to force Moscow to pay more” for the annexation of the Peninsula. According to Babina, “every resolution, every decision makes it easier for the world community the imposition of new sanctions against Russia.”

The Crimea became part of Russia after the referendum in March 2014. Ukraine and Western countries do not recognize the election results.