Fatal frame: the 7 points of the world where it is impossible to do a selfie

Fatal frame: the 7 points of the world where it is impossible to do a selfie

Why in some countries it is forbidden to do a selfie.

Every year more and more people are killed while trying to make a spectacular self, which provokes the authorities in different countries to take decisive action. In some places on the planet officially forbidden to take pictures of yourself for reasons of security — in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

Last week, eight people drowned in the Philippines lake Laguna de Bay near the town of Binangonan. According to investigators, the cause of the tragedy was the fact that most of the passengers moved to one side of the boat to take a selfie, resulting in the vehicle lurched and turned over.

If the cause of death really was the love of self, it is not excluded that the authorities of the Philippines, at the legislative level to forbid to photograph themselves on the background of Laguna de Bay to avoid a repeat of the tragedy.

Currently in the world there are several places where a selfie is officially banned, and the perpetrators of waiting for a large fine.


All 11 Disney theme parks, or Disneyland, banned selfie sticks. Initially, the ban applied only to those who used the gadget during a trip on the rides, but since 2015 it has become ubiquitous.

“We are trying to provide a great experience for the whole family, but, unfortunately, the selfie stick became a big problem for both Park visitors and employees,” — said the representative of the Disney company.

The Cote d’azur

On the Garoupe beach in southern France the commune of Antibes, there are two areas, “free from self”. In designated areas of the beach is officially forbidden to do a selfie, not to be distracted from the rest.

Garoupe is one of the best beaches of côte d’azur that makes a huge number of people to be photographed and then share photos in social networks.

The authorities decided to deal with this problem by arranging multiple zones “without the lads who just brag”, where tourists want to enjoy the holiday, and not try to impress your friends and relatives who stayed home.

A ban on selfies on the beach Garoupe takes effect only in the hot season, which lasts only a couple of weeks of August.