Visitors of the Bolshoi theatre was evacuated in connection with threat of explosion

From the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow to evacuate people in connection with a bomb threat. On Sunday, November 5, reports TASS.

Speech, according to the Agency, is about 3.5 thousand people. At 19:00 in the Beethoven hall was to begin the concert dedicated to the centenary of the October revolution.

Expected arrival of dog handlers. The theatre’s Director Vladimir urin has confirmed the threat and said that working with the staff of the Ministry.

RIA Novosti, citing a source in the emergency services reported about 700 evacuees.

According to TASS, the threat of a as declared in the “Metropol” hotel, located close to the theatre, and Gum.

Earlier on Sunday, there is information about calls with a bomb threat at more than 20 sites, including shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants and homes.

The wave of calls in a bomb threat in major Russian cities began in September. Telephone terrorists “mined” dozens of objects. 6 October in the capital’s emergency services received 76 messages for a half hour.