The leader of Catalonia Pujdeme surrendered to Belgian police

The leader of Catalonia Pujdeme surrendered to Belgian police

Carles Pujdeme removed from the office of the head of Catalonia, surrendered to Belgian police.

As informs Agency Reuters, citing a Belgian television channel VRT, Putteman surrendered to Belgian police. Along with it came four former members of the government of Catalonia, which also went from Spain to Belgium.

Detention Pokdemon and his associates Reuters confirmed the official representative of the Brussels Prosecutor’s office.

According to him, the investigators are going to hear their position. The decision about the future came from Catalonia to take on 6 November, the court.

To capture Pujdeme managed to appeal to supporters and urged to vote in regional elections for parties that support his program.

Earlier Putteman said it will cooperate with the Belgian authorities on the issue of his arrest.

Thursday, 2 November, a Spanish judge Carmen Lamela signed a warrant for the arrest of the head of Catalonia Carles Pokdemon. In addition, the court decided to send the detention of eight former members of the Catalan government on charges of rebellion and abuse of authority. Of them in Spain were only four.

On Friday, 3 November, the Spanish court sent a request to the Belgian Prosecutor’s office for the arrest of Carles Pokdemon and four of his associates.

Pujdeme led a movement demanding the independence of Catalonia. His supporters managed to hold a referendum and then declare secession from Spain, but in Madrid these actions are considered unconstitutional and have temporarily limited the autonomy of the region.