The DPRK stated the need to “tame” trump physical strength

The DPRK stated the need to “tame” trump physical strength

North Korean state newspaper Rodong Sinmun in its article said that the only thing that can “tame” the American President, is a physical force. It is reported by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea.

“No one can predict when the trump will make a thoughtless step. The only way to deter him from this rash act was to tame it with the help of absolute physical forces,” says Rodong Sinmun.

The publication notes that North Korea is ready to mobilize all its resources, and the United States “will not be able to resist it.”

“We again warn the surroundings of the trump. If they don’t want to the wreckage do not make rash statements,” the newspaper said.

Sunday, November 5, U.S. President Donald trump said that “no dictator should not underestimate American resolve.” According to him, the American military occupy a dominant position “in the sky, in sea, on earth and in space”, and those who underestimated Washington in the past, “sorry about that”. The American leader stressed that the us army will soon get “much more” resources, technology and funding than ever.

In October the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo reported that the DPRK is developing nuclear weapons at such a level that soon it will allow North Korea to attack the United States. He said that the CIA is working to prevent the spread of nuclear technology. The head of the Central intelligence Agency said that North Korea has increased its capabilities in the development of long-range missiles. Pompeo said that the United States should act in the political sphere like North Korea “close to developing” such weapons.