The bomb threat at the Grand theatre proved to be false

The risk of explosion in the Bolshoi theatre not confirmed. TASS on Sunday, November 5, reported in the administration of the theater.

According to the interlocutor of journalists, the institution from which evacuated about 3.5 thousand people, is functioning normally. Will there be a concert, before which it was reported about the threat, not reported.

In addition, the bomb threat was not confirmed in the Gum, which was taken 2.5 thousands of customers and 30 employees. Work shopping centre reopened.

Materials on теме00:01 — September 14Premature evakuacija behind the wave of telephone terrorism in Russia

The police also checked the building of a house temple of sacred Martyr tatiany at the Moscow University, where evacuated 20 people.

Earlier it became known that visitors to the theatre evacuated. At 19:00 in the Beethoven hall was to begin the concert dedicated to the centenary of the October revolution.

All telephone terrorists “mined” about 30 buildings in the capital including shopping malls, cinemas and restaurants. In total evacuated about 30 thousand people.

The wave of calls in a bomb threat began in September. She touched Moscow and other large Russian cities. The total number of evacuees during this time, close to one million.

Background: Visitors to the Bolshoi theatre evacuated in connection with threat of explosion