Lithuania: what secrets does a wonderful hill a hundred thousand crosses

Lithuania: what secrets does a wonderful hill a hundred thousand crosses

This hill is called the Hill of Crosses, he keeps the memory of wars, uprisings, ghosts, miraculous healings and quiet sacrifice. But how he appeared here, in Northern Lithuania, 12 km from Siauliai?

Approximately 12 km from the town of Siauliai in Northern Lithuania, the old barrow as if hunched under the weight of thousands and thousands of crosses.

In the wind swinging prayer beads, Catholic rosaries, they’re tapping on metal and wood crosses, creating an eerie cacophony of sounds.

Ancient legends, mysterious visions, Ghost stories — all of this and still surrounds the Hill of Crosses, about the causes and about the exact time of occurrence of which are still little known.

This hill holds many secrets. According to popular legend, once upon a time this place was a temple. During a terrible thunderstorm lightning struck him and he disappeared under the ground together with all who were in it. Locals say that at dawn the hill you can see the procession of monks, ghosts. For centuries the people here were saints, ghosts, the various miracles — all this history the hill of Crosses.Vilius Pernamently designer and historian

Another legend says that in the beginning of XIV century on a hill stood a wooden castle of the barons traditionally pagan region of Samogitia.

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In 1348 the castle was destroyed by the Germans, the monks of the Teutonic order, trying to impose by fire and sword of Christianity.

Many believe that the Samogitians, survived the battle with the crusaders, gathered the bodies of fallen comrades and buried them and poured on top of the mound.

Say that still at night the souls of these pagans roam the hill.

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However, the most popular story about the appearance of crosses on the hill became available. My father had a beloved daughter who suddenly became seriously ill.