Egypt protested the four European countries and Canada

Egypt protested the four European countries and Canada

The foreign Ministry called for respect of actions of judicial bodies of the Republic and not to encroach on the activities of the state.

CAIRO, 5 Nov. /TASS/. Cairo has expressed official protest in the UK, Germany, Holland, Italy and Canada regarding their handling of the arrest of an Egyptian lawyer Ibrahim Metwalli. About it it is spoken in arrived on Sunday in the TASS office in Cairo, the special statement of the official representative of the Egyptian Ministry of foreign Affairs Ahmed Abu Zeid.

The foreign Ministry of Egypt was summoned the ambassadors of Italy, Germany and Holland, which “has been handed an official protest in connection with the publication of five States statements about the circumstances of the detention of Ibrahim Metwalli,” reads the document.

It indicates that Cairo considers this address “as a flagrant and unacceptable interference in the internal Affairs [of Egypt] and in the work of the judiciary of the country.”

It is also noted that in the near future in the foreign Ministry are due to present the same diplomatic note, the ambassadors of great Britain and Canada.

The Egyptian foreign Ministry drew the attention of the ambassadors of these countries on the importance of “exploring the subtleties of legal action against Metwalli”, which, as indicated in the Department, “is not arrested, but detained for investigation, which is conducted by the Prosecutor’s office”. The foreign Ministry of Egypt pointed to the need to “respect the actions of the judiciary and not to encroach on the activities of the state in the realization of their rights in the investigation of a citizen against whom taken charge.”