Zucchini, like a bomb, caused a stir in Germany

Zucchini, like a bomb, caused a stir in Germany

A German pensioner was pretty scared, found herself in the garden, “a bomb during the Second world war.” Arrived on-call police and the bomb squad determined that the find is a large zucchini and threats to the population is not responsible.

When a pensioner from the town of Bretten in southwestern Germany found themselves in the huge garden zucchini, he mistook it for an unexploded bomb during the Second world war, and hastened to call the police.

Fortunately, before the evacuation of the residents of Bretten is not reached, although, according to arrived on call guards and bomb experts, vegetable in length, 40 centimeters in fact much resembled a small bomb.

Most likely, this ten-pound “gift” was something abandoned in the garden from over the fence.

Police advised the pensioners not to worry, then that alone got rid of the scare of its fruit.

In Germany to this day find unexploded bombs dropped by the allies during the war. This happens most often during the construction works.

As recently as early September in Frankfurt had to be evacuated from their homes 65 thousand to disarm polutoratonny British bomb. It was the largest evacuation in Germany’s post-war period.