To canceled the “Russian March” in Lublin detained 30 people

The action “Russian March” in Moscow district of Lublino is ended. According to police, it was attended by about 200 people. On Saturday, November 4, reported on the website of the Moscow Department of internal Affairs.

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One of the organizers of the event, the representative of the “New opposition” Roman Kovalev, told “Interfax” that the staff have not missed out on a rally of people with banners, despite the fact that the symbols were coordinated in the city hall and the Prefecture. “We announced to all the supporters that March has been cancelled and we put all the flags and go, I allowed people’s participation in the event, only this is the format of a walk. In the end, some people under Imperial flags went for a walk, not more than 200 people. The other began to chase, and after all to delay,” he said. According to him, detained a total of about 25 people.

Co-Chairman of the unregistered “party of nationalists” Ivan Beletsky said about 70 detained protesters.

A law enforcement source told TASS that various violations were detained 32 people.

In November 2016 at the same event were detained seven people.