The skeleton crashed near Spitsbergen, the Russian Mi-8 lifted from the bottom

The skeleton of the Mi-8 helicopter that crashed in Svalbard, brought to the surface. Bodies of people is not detected. This is the Consul General of Russia in Barentsburg Vyacheslav Nikolaev on Saturday, November 4, reported RIA Novosti.

According to the diplomat, the new bodies of passengers and crew members not detected but 80 metres from the fuselage was found the shoes and bag. The corpse that was pulled in the first days of the operation, sent for an autopsy and identification in Tromso. “I understand that the search operation will continue. Work submersibles,” added the Consul General.

Nikolaev said that it was planned to extract from the sea the tail of the helicopter, which located the flight data recorders, however, he does not know, did you complete this operation.

The head of the operational headquarters EMERCOM of Russia in the Spitsbergen Evgeny Saidov told TASS that the voice recorder was successfully raised from the bottom and will be delivered for decoding to Moscow. Parametric black box not found yet.

Russian Mi-8 crashed on October 26 in the area of the Spitsbergen archipelago. On Board were eight people: three employees of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic and five crew members. They are declared dead.