The decision about the place of decoding the “black boxes” Mi-8 will take Norway

The decision about the place of decoding the “black boxes” Mi-8 will take Norway

Moscow. 4 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — “Black boxes” crashed off the coast of Spitsbergen the Mi-8 helicopter on Board is raised from the water machine, the decision to place their decryption will take the Norwegian side, reported “Interfax” in the operational headquarters on liquidation of consequences of the disaster.

“Flight recorders are in place on Board the helicopter. Visually, they have not received serious damage,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

It is reported that the accident investigation will be carried out jointly with the Norwegian experts and specialists of the Interstate aviation Committee. “However, the decision about the place of decoding the “black boxes” is still the Norwegian side. They can pass them for decoding in the MAC in Moscow, or decrypt themselves,” he said.

As previously reported, the Mi-8 helicopter was raised from the bottom of the Arctic ocean on Saturday night. Passengers and crew members inside was not. Rescuers have expanded the search area for seven passengers and crew members.

Helicopter Mi-8 of airline “Konvers Avia”, which was carrying five crew members and three employees of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic, went missing on October 26, when flying from the abandoned village Pyramid in Barentsburg.

On the night of October 29 to search for the helicopter was joined by more than 40 rescuers EMERCOM of Russia, he was discovered on Sunday by the Norwegian vessel, two kilometers North-East of Cape Heer. Oct 30, 130 metres from the crash site of the helicopter was found the body of one victim.