The adventures of Muscovites in the Russian village

The adventures of Muscovites in the Russian village

Why Moscow clerks are willing to pay for the labor weekend in the Russian villages who earns an unusual tourism.

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Tourists who are traveling with “Alturism” never live in hotels, only in village houses. In these trips there are no restaurants, but there is homemade food from Housewives. Cultural program — excursions to nature reserves with wetlands and master classes on bread baking. And most of the time campers spend at work to help the local: from the repair of rural house of culture before harvesting the garbage in the river. TASS tells the story of an unusual business and what do not enough to be residents of the city.

“I’m not a downshifter”

Ekaterina Zatuliveter, the Creator of “Alturism”, always ready with two answers to two popular questions.

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First, it is not a downshifter.

Yes, goodbye to office work to do tours in remote Russian village — from scratch and with no certainty that it will go.

Yes, money became less. Was she not hiding, hungry months, although there were months with a good profit. And let long-haired girl in the hoodie says: “I live in three places, and are often in the way.” And uses wording such as “follow something”, “do what you like in life”. But the whole concept of downshifting is broken when she says: “I’m sure it is possible to earn. To earn good money. More than in the office.”

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Second, its rounds are not ecotourism, not agritourism and General tourism comes second. The first is the development of areas — small towns and villages.

Early to rest in Russia did not want

Three years ago, Katia Zatuliveter worked as a Manager in Moscow cosmetic company: organized online courses for cosmetology. Office hours five days. And there was a notebook where she wrote down the business ideas that came to mind.

The first idea is not belonged to the Russian villages.

“There is a movement — voting (WWOOF, Willing Workers on Organic Farms “worldwide opportunities on organic farms” — approx. TASS). It’s volunteer work on ecological farms around the world. A person can go to any country at the invitation of the farmer and to help in his case. I was inspired by this idea, but wanted to carry people, not only on the farm. Thought about tours in Asia and Africa and explained it like this: “to build a school in Zimbabwe.” Three months I tried to understand whether the Russians to travel abroad in such tours. Just banged my head on the wall — nothing worked. And then we have the ruble fell, and I realized: “Everything. This is the wrong way”.

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Says rest in Russia she did not want: “Arrive in a small town and see that everything is falling apart, getting worse every day. Upset. So I always spent her vacation in Europe.”

But now the idea of “tours in the Russian provinces” stood in Notepad first. “The meaning is the same: to stay with locals, to help them make their lives better in a small area, that is, “travel with meaning,” explains Catherine. — Began to tell a friend about it, and it all quickly came together: a friend gave contacts of their relatives in Tutaev in the Yaroslavl region”.

Tutaev: artists and Saturday on the banks of the Volga

A small town (a little more than 40 thousand persons — approx. TASS) stands on the banks of the Volga. People willing to host, the artists. Once it is clear that the city could improve on the river full of garbage, and so I can go on Saturday. Besides Tutaev is among the 12 cities of the Golden ring, and therefore, it is interesting to walk around.

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“It was February of 2015. I went to meet this family next week and immediately began to organize a tour. Wanted to gather a group for may. Just published a post in Facebook about this, immediately said one girl, asked to organize this tour in late April, on her birthday, and she gathered a group of ten people — her friends,” says Kate.