Spacey accused of harassment to members of the crew of “house of cards”

Spacey accused of harassment to members of the crew of “house of cards”

Moscow. 3 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — Actor Kevin spacey, who starred in the Netflix series “house of cards” was created on the set of “poisoned” the atmosphere and attacked the other participants in the film group, reports CNN.

So, at least eight people on condition of anonymity, said channel of defiance spacey — in particular about the intimate touching and vulgar comments. They noted that usually the actor molested young men from teleproduction. Another source told CNN that spacey was molested by him on the set of one of the early seasons of the series.

The American actor Anthony RAPP accused spacey of sexual harassment. According to RAPP, when spacey molested him, he was 14 years old. Actor, in response, apologized to the RAPP, adding that he does not remember this case. In addition, spacey admitted that he had a romantic relationship with men.

Later on the harassment by the stars of “house of cards” and announced the Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos.

Because of the scandal with spacey, Netflix has decided to end the series “house of cards” in the sixth season. In 2013, when he released the first season of this political drama was more than 40 times nominated for the Emmy award, received six statuettes, and Kevin spacey received the Golden globe for best actor. Later, spacey has deprived the international “Emmy” because of the harassment scandal.