Pujdeme called the arrest of the government of Catalonia “attack on democracy”

Carles Pujdeme

The head of Catalonia Carles Pujdeme believes that the arrest of members of the government of Generalitat a “grave mistake and an attack on democracy” and demanded the release of their subordinates. He stated that on 2 November the TV channel TV3, in Belgium.

Earlier, on 2 November, the judge of National court of Spain Carmen Lamela has issued a warrant for the arrest Pokdemon, and also decided to be held in detention pending consideration of the merits of the eight other former advisers. All of them were charged in the attempted mutiny, incitement and financial irregularities.

Lawyer Paul Pokdemon Bekart later said to Belgian TV station RTBF that his client has no plans to hide from the European arrest warrant and submit to the decision of the Belgian justice on this issue. In this case, said to RIA Novosti, the decision of the head of Catalonia is still pending — Brussels may refuse to execute the issued by Madrid a warrant, if they consider that we are talking about violations of fundamental human rights.

The Catalan Parliament declared independence from Spain on October 27. The decision was made by secret ballot. Before the procedure, left the room, the deputies from the opposition parties opposing the separation region.

The Spanish government in response to the decision of Barcelona dismissed the Catalan Parliament. Early elections are scheduled for December 21.

Background: a Spanish court has issued a warrant for the arrest of the former leader of Catalonia