Navalny held an event in the furniture market

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny held a meeting with inhabitants of Irkutsk and answered their questions. It is reported IA “Baikal 24”.

At the meeting, according to the city Commission on mass events came about 700 people.

Coordinator of Navalny’s campaign staff in Irkutsk Sergey Bespalov in the beginning of the event, said: “the 50 times we asked them to give us a place to rally 50 times they turned us down”. However, the city government denied this information and stated that the meeting was approved at the site on the island of Horse, but the opposition chose to communicate with supporters in the furniture center “Moscow”.

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The Commission stressed that currently there is a trial about the illegal reconstruction of the center. Examination showed that the superstructure is made with violations of the rules and regulations. Thus, the opposition, according to city officials, created a threat to human security.

Irk.Ru adds that Navalny was planning a visit to Irkutsk on June 18, however, this visit did not take place due to the fact that he was serving an administrative arrest.

On 3 November the Russian interior Ministry said that the Bulk of several times disrupted meetings of his supporters, not being at the agreed rallies.

22 Oct Navalny left the Moscow remand prison, where he had served 20 days of administrative detention for repeated violation of rules for holding rallies.