In Chita schoolgirl broke his spine after he threatened the teacher to give her an “f”

The investigative Committee of Russia on Transbaikalian edge has begun check upon receipt of Chita third compression fractures of the spine in gym class. This was reported on the website of the UK.

Indicates that the injury was received during the exercise.

Channel Sabtv-24 talked to received a fracture girl. “My gym teacher forced me to do a somersault. I immediately told him that I don’t know how to do. He then said that I either “poor” get, or do. I went to do. I curled, and then he took me by the legs and pushed. Then I felt the crunch, it became difficult to move and breathe,” she said.

The school pleaded not guilty and argues that the fracture of the girl’s innate. “I went the next day at school, wanted to meet with the teacher, the doctor, just came to the headmistress of vacation. We went up to her, and the doctor said to me: “Maybe it’s you congenital?”. And the gym teacher took the book in front of me and shakes her, saying, this is my plan, I’m doing everything according to plan, let the children do” — said the mother of the victim.

The education Committee has promised to investigate the situation, issued a decree on establishment of a Commission to investigate the incident.

To stand up she will be able only a month, sit through six months, doctors say.