For truckers has created a cap-alarm clock

For truckers has created a cap-alarm clock

The test cap will be held in Brazil.

The American company Ford has developed a special cap for truckers, reports Fast Company.

New headgear acts as a clock, feeding a loud signal, if it determines that the driver is about to sleep or already asleep.

Soon test the cap, called SafeCap will begin in Brazil.

To long-distance drivers always have to transport goods over long distances, while driving sometimes dozens of hours. At the same time to go fly, sometimes it is necessary and night. Tired drivers sometimes fall asleep at the wheel and die. According to statistics, in the world cause every fifth traffic accident is the drowsy driver.

Some modern cars are equipped with systems monitoring the status of the driver: a special camera tracks the blink rate and head position of the driver and if it decides that he fell asleep in the cockpit, a buzzer will sound, and the steering wheel starts to vibrate. Such systems are relatively expensive and not all companies are equipping their trucks.

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Ford has developed a new cap together with the Brazilian company GTB. In headdress embedded controller, bright led (mounted on the visor), accelerometer and gyroscope. Before you write a program for a microcontroller, Ford specialists conducted a study and revealed the position of the head, the most characteristic of the drowsy driver. Among them, the upturned head, or a head dropped to his chest.

If the cap-up service determines that the driver fell asleep, she gives a loud signal, and includes a bright led light on the visor, which begins to Shine in the face. How effective is the use of such caps is not yet clear. At Ford say that if the test headgear in Brazil will be successful, its sales will begin in the other countries of the world.