Feldman revealed the sense of “Crimean dreams”

Feldman revealed the sense of “Crimean dreams”

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov told about what “the Crimean dream.” The sense of which he revealed in his congratulatory message to residents of the Crimea to the Day of national unity.

Aksenov said that the Union with Russia for many years was the Crimean dream.

It was realized thanks to the unity of the residents, thanks to the courageous and wise decision of our President.

Aksenov also noted that the recognition of the Russian status of Crimea in today’s society has become a test of patriotism, love of country and the history of his people.

The Head of Crimea said that for him, the most vivid manifestation of the unity of the people was the Crimean spring. Social networks Aksenov has launched a flash-mob timed to the holiday. Hashtag it designated by a combination of #Piedini #Crimea.

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