Among the bees found righties and lefties

Among the bees found righties and lefties

Scientists from the University of Queensland found that a bee flies around obstacles left only or right only.

The details of the survey can be found in PLOS One.

“Unlike people who mostly are right-handed, among the bees a lot of left-handers. But there are also right-handed and those who have no preferences”, — said the author of the study, Mandyam Srinivasan.

The researchers observed how bees overcome an obstacle that you can fly through one of two openings: the left or right.

When the holes were about the same in width, 55% of the bees chose both holes with equal frequency. Half of the remaining 45% preferred only the left hole and the other only right.

In the case that the width of the holes was different, bees prefer a broader. The scientists also measured the time of flight of bees is”Lefty” and bees”right-handed”. The researchers noted that the insects, which are accustomed to choose only one side, it took more time for decision-making, if on the usual side was a narrower hole. Scientists believe that these bees were not easy to change their habits.

Previously, biologists have discovered that bees have a much sharper vision than was reported before.