Alec Baldwin apologized for his attitude to women

Alec Baldwin apologized for his attitude to women

Hollywood actor and Director Alec Baldwin apologized for his attitude to women, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The words of Baldwin came amid a sexual harassment scandal, allegations which had previously been charged with a number of well-known figures in Hollywood.

The actor said that in the past he had bad attitude towards women. “I really treated women very sexist. I scoffed at women. I did not take into account their opinion. I underestimated the women,” he admitted.

According to Baldwin, sometimes his behavior towards women was biased.

Sometimes I did what many men do… Is when you treat women like you treat men. I’m from the generation that really underestimates women, and I would like to change that. I really would like to change that.Alec Baldwin

Baldwin commented on the scandal that occurred after a disclosure of harassment of Hollywood stars, women. He stressed that the attitude to such behaviour has to change, not only in Hollywood but throughout the world.

“I knew about some things, I’ve heard rumors that it can happen, but I didn’t imagine the scale that became visible when hundreds and hundreds of women complained about it. It opened my eyes,” said Baldwin.

Harassment scandal in Hollywood began with producer Harvey Weinstein, whose gross sexual assault has accused more than 60 women. Another object of the charges was the actor of the TV series “house of cards” Kevin spacey, whose harassment accused several men. Later, the scandal went beyond the borders of Hollywood. Because of the “inappropriate behavior” has resigned, the British defence Secretary Michael Fallon. Prior to that, he apologized for the episode 15 years ago, when he put his hand on my knee the journalist.