The rest is beautiful: where they lived and what went on the Colonel Zakharchenko and his family

The rest is beautiful: where they lived and what went on the Colonel Zakharchenko and his family

MOSCOW, 3 Dec — RIA Novosti. Colonel of the interior Ministry of Russia Dmitry Zakharchenko and his family knew how to live beautifully in cars prefer premium apartments were taken in the Central areas of the capital, there is kept a “stash”, told RIA Novosti source in law enforcement bodies.

Total amount of property subject to forfeiture is approximately 9 billion. In the case of the claim of the Prosecutor General, these facilities may go under the hammer through e-auction, but some assets may remain with the Agency. The process is scheduled for November 10.

Meanwhile, the fighter with corruption has not yet officially recognized as a criminal and bribe-taker, the investigation is ongoing, and the intention to take away his property, the defense regards as “lawlessness”.

When life is good

According to a source RIA Novosti, the Prosecutor General’s office, among other things, requires the elite to confiscate cars that belong to friends of the now arrested anti-corruption. This, in particular, the Porsche Cayenne GTS for 6.2 million rubles, was the ex-wife’s mother Zakharchenko.

“The day before marriage Zakharchenko with Jana Saratovtseva in the name of her mother, living in Rostov region, were registered by the Cayenne,” said he.

The other women Zakharchenko M. Semennoi — Prosecutor General’s office wants to pick up two Mercedes-Benz, including Executive S500, and Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid — a hybrid version of the crossover. Probably, the woman cared about the environment.

The total cost of its vehicles — about 16.6 million rubles. However, over the period from 2004 to 2015 Semynina who has a child from Zakharchenko, was officially launched a little less than 600 thousand rubles.The Prosecutor General’s office

Zakharchenko himself preferred to walk (at least sometimes) on the Acura car — this sub-brand of Japanese Honda though positioned as a premium, but for the price and close rivals Porsche. This car was registered to a third party. It is noteworthy that the foreign car was not included in the list of assets that wants to seize the Prosecutor’s office.

Love money account

Also the Prosecutor General’s office will seek the withdrawal of all those arrested in the environment of Colonel money’s 374,8 million, 2 million and EUR 140,4 million dollars, the source said.

During the search in the office of Zakharchenko in the building of the Quebec seized 92,8 thousand rubles. In the car Acura, which he is moving, more than 13 million rubles, 170 thousand dollars and 5 thousand Euro. In apartment of the sister of Colonel on Lomonosovsky Prospekt were seized a gold bar weighing 500 grams, 124 million, 1.47 million euros and more than 342 million rubles.The Prosecutor General’s office

The mother in the apartment of Colonel on Michurinsk the prospectus also found a large sum of cash is 19.5 million rubles, 600 thousand euros and 20 thousand dollars, and Rolex watches.

According to the source, the mother Zakharchenko assured that accumulated that money by deferring salary and selling real estate. “However, total income teaching staff, and nowadays pensioner Zakharchenko could not be a source of emerging wealth,” says the source.