The most loud scandals with participation of Ksenia Sobchak and Catherine Gordon

The most loud scandals with participation of Ksenia Sobchak and Catherine Gordon

Among the candidates in the presidential elections of 2018 — Ksenia Sobchak and Catherine Gordon, bright women of national television and radio broadcasting. Over the years media career aspirants to the highest office in Russia proved that for a caustic word in a pocket do not climb. “Газета.Ru” — the victims of acute language candidates.

Get out of the air, Ksenia

Nine years ago, the journalist have already fought each other in the “Cult of personality” on radio “Mayak”. Then, in 2008, 26-year-old Ksenia Sobchak (at the time it was engaged in the project “the Blonde in chocolate”) broadcast invited Dmitry Glukhovsky and Catherine Gordon. Dialogue did not work: all the airtime the girls tried to figure out who’s the best, and put each other in place.

In the course of walking and accusations of incompetent, and personal insults. Sobchak insisted that Gordon suffers from a complex “nedoskazannosti”, charity of arrogance, do not know how to ask questions and generally behaving unprofessionally. Also the star of “House-2” several times focused on the fact that Gordon has no personal life. “What’s she so angry? She what man would have that your host Katie Gordon? Katechka, relax. Get a massage some,” was heard in the air.

If Xenia verbal sparring rather amused (audio Sobchak says quite calmly), Catherine of emotion was no longer able. Xenia took the opportunity to focus on this. “Katya Gordon sits and is stained red, and all the people sitting in the Studio just laughing over it, because that is absolutely pathetic. You look at yourself? You are absolutely red spots sit. My face is quiet”.

Catherine was really difficult to cope with them. She was shouting and interrupting the guest, called her a “national bully” and “mediaevalism”.

At some point, Gordon finally gave up and asked Sobchak to leave the air.

First, I’m not interested. I want us to stop this rudeness for the sake of the listener. I stop. And I run this air. Get out of the air, Ksenia. Go. Dumped from the airwaves.

Towards the end of the program Sobchak told about his purpose of visit to the air: “Ksenia Sobchak reveals the wonderful personality of other people. And now, thanks to my coming here, we revealed the identity of Katie Gordon, which has hissing, saliva boils. All you are doing is pseudo-intellectualism. This is what you do, Kate. Here, in order to become a pseudo, and that he was a real, you need to be a little bit easier and simpler and softer”.

The broadcast ended, but the war continued in the blog of Catherine Gordon — she published a post with caustic comments about Sobchak, after which he was dismissed.

And the reason for his dismissal from the air began in the comments after the conversation, which is leading, in the opinion of management, had no right.