The mechanism of the secret struggle between Clinton opponents

Hillary Clinton

The campaign headquarters of former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton actually controlled the work of the National Committee of the Democratic party (nkdp) even before she was nominated the official candidate of the Democrats in the summer of 2016. This was told by acting Chairman NCDP Donna brazile in his book, reports Politico.

According to her, Clinton’s team is actively looking for ways to promote Clinton, and to prevent its main competitor from among the party — Bernie Sanders, trying to discredit him.

Brazil claims that she has documents proving her innocence. So, in August 2015 NCDP, headquarters, Hillary Clinton and joint campaign Fund, Clinton and the Committee signed the agreement. According to the document, the former Secretary of state sponsored NCDP, instead of yielding the control over the finances of the party and its strategy.

The woman said that the Democratic party was a large debt, which is the headquarters of the Hillary Clinton helped to extinguish. Thus, the game effectively came under the control of the campaign of former Secretary of state, as repeatedly declared in the camp of Sanders.

American claims that the headquarters Clinton also used the democratic party to raise funds. According to the laws of the United States, direct donations to candidates may not exceed 2.7 thousand dollars. However, branches of political parties in various state and national committees can take large amounts.

Book Donna brazile “Hacks history of intervention, and failures that led Donald trump to the White house” will be released on 7 November.