The eighth-grader walked into a toilet to McDonalds and robbed

Unknown robbed the eighth-grader in the toilet restaurant “McDonald’s”. On Friday, November 3, the Agency reports city news “Moscow” with reference to a source in law enforcement bodies.

The police asked the mother of 13-year-old girl. She said that the robbery occurred in the East of the capital district Golyanovo. The attackers brought the schoolgirl in the toilet of a fast food restaurant, took her gold earrings and fled. How many robbers, not specified.

The cost of jewelry is estimated at 7.5 thousand rubles. Criminal case about robbery.

At the end of October the resident of Tomsk sentenced to six years in prison for five robberies committed by “Snickers”. The man wrapped a chocolate bar in a plastic bag and issued him a weapon. All crimes the malefactor made in March 2017, five months after his release from prison.