The DPRK called fake news about the death due to nuclear testing hundreds of people

The news of the Japanese TV channel about the death of North Korea’s 200 people because of a nuclear test is “disinformation”. Message Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA) on this was published on the newspaper’s website KCNA Watch.

The report said that “recently the Japanese authorities allowed TV Asahi to convey the news of the death of a large number of people at the nuclear test site Hungern”.

The news of the Japanese TV channel KCNA explained the fruitless attempts to “U.S. and Japanese reactionaries” to slander the DPRK and figure out the details of the nuclear program of Pyongyang.

The news of the loss of life appeared on the website of TV Asahi October 31. It was alleged that on 10 September due to the displacement of rocks was hit by a construction tunnel under construction, causing 200 people appeared in an underground trap. Under the version of the Japanese edition, the reason for the displacement of rocks were held September 3 in DPRK’s nuclear test.

Background: At the nuclear test site in North Korea killed 200 people