The white house made the imposition of restrictions on the entry of citizens of Uzbekistan in the USA

Washington can add Uzbekistan to the list of countries whose citizens are restricted from entry into the United States. This was stated press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders, reports TASS. “It remains to be seen. We definitely do not rule it out, though, and did not call for it at the moment,” she said. “We have many criteria according to which we determine which countries should be on the list,” explained Sanders. She added that Uzbekistan is not a country that should be on the list, but Donald trump does not exclude anything in the future. October 31, was driving the rental truck’s 29-year-old native of Uzbekistan, Saipov Saifulla deliberately made arrival on pedestrians in new York and collided with a school bus carrying disabled children. Ran out of the cabin, the man with the words “Allahu Akbar!” began to shoot at people. Killing 8 people, another 15

Wanting to experience the euphoria, the British executed a teenager.

Gemma Lily The Briton Gemma and Lily were convicted for the torture and brutal murder of a teenage autistic in Western Australia. About it reports The Independent. According to the newspaper, the woman was executed 18-year-old Aaron Pajich at his home in Perth, and after buried him, covering the grave with concrete and tiles. According to Lily, she wanted to kill someone until that moment, as she turns 25 years of age to experience real euphoria. The woman shared her plans with a neighbor, 43-year-old Trudy Lennon. The convicted mother admitted that her daughter has always been fascinated by stories about serial killers. At the age of 16 she wrote a book about SOS killer, which contained many scenes of torture. The investigation revealed that Aaron went to Lily to help her to install a computer program. While he did, the woman came behind him and began to choke him

Russia said at the UN security Council that provides a decent accommodation for 1 million Ukrainian refugees

Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN Eugene zagajnov © AP Photo/Frank Franklin II UN 3 Nov. /TASS/. Russia without any assistance provides a decent accommodation for 1 million inhabitants of Ukraine, who fled from the conflict zone in the Donbass. This was stated on Thursday, the Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN Eugene zagajnov at a meeting of the Security Council on the situation of refugees in the world.

In the Arena will be open the exhibition “Russia looking into the future”

In the Arena will be open the exhibition “Russia looking into the future” Exposition “Russia looking into the future” will present a panorama of scientific forecasts for the next twenty years from the world’s leading futurists and analytical agencies. The exhibition will be open for visitors from 5 to 22 November in the Central arena, RIA “Novosti”. Fifteen themed rooms dedicated to the latest projects in the field of space, technology, science and education, industry, transport, medicine, ecology, urban planning. Format virtual reality visitors will do a lot of interactive travel. During the exhibition will operate open Studio “360 conversations about the future.” The creators of innovative start-UPS, inventors, specialists of the largest Russian companies will share their vision of the future of Russia. The exhibition will be a continuation of the project “Russia. My story,” which includes the exposition “Rurik. 862-1558.”, “the Romanovs. 1613-1914.”, “The great upheaval to a

The penal system has ceased to send convicts from Moscow to Siberia

The penal system has ceased to send convicts from Moscow to Siberia Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) no longer sends convicted of Muscovites and residents of Moscow region to serve his sentence in Siberia and the Urals. This was announced by Deputy Director FSIN Valery Boarini at the round table on the issues of prisoners, the correspondent of RBC. According to Bojarinova, received a lot of complaints that the convicts sent to serve his sentence in the remote regions. Particularly acute was the situation of prisoners from Moscow and the Moscow region, where “almost no detention facilities”. Because of this, their five or six years ago were sent to Siberia and the Urals. “Today, they are usually sent to serve his sentence in correctional institutions in the Central Federal district, or in some regions of the Volga Federal district, which are adjacent to the Central Federal district”, —

Serebrennikov was nominated for “Golden mask”

Serebrennikov was nominated for “Golden mask” MOSCOW, Nov 2 — RIA Novosti. The play “Chatsky” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov in “Helikon-Opera” was among the productions nominated for the highest theatrical prize “Golden mask”: the pieces of silver claim to the award in the categories “direction” and “costume”. Formed the long list of nominees for the highest national theatre award “Golden mask”, a solemn ceremony which will be held on April 15 at the new stage of the Bolshoi theater, said Thursday on a press-conferences the General Director “the Gold mask” Maria Revyakin. All 61 nominated performance. Just “Chatsky” received four nominations. Pieces of silver was nominated as a Director and costume designer, has also been nominated for the award conductor Felix Korobov and the composer Alexander Manotskov. The production as a whole was nominated as a best Opera performance. In may at the Metropolitan theater “Gogol-center” and the home of

Scientists have named the main cause of divorce

The main reason why women file for divorce is the unwillingness of their spouses to change their behavior and invest in saving the relationship. Women suffer heavier with increasing years of living together tensions and therefore threatened to divorce twice as often as men. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Michigan, writes Daily Mail. Scientists over the 16 years tracked 355 married couples. Each took a few interviews: in the first months of a joint life, second, third, fourth, seventh and 16th year. It was found that women more often talked about tensions than men. Some couples men are almost not expressed dissatisfaction with the relationship, whereas women’s dissatisfaction was high. Similar situation is in most cases meant a speedy divorce. Scientists notice, that for 16 years while he carried out the research, divorced about 40 percent of the observed pairs. In October the Deputy

Sobchak confused position on the question of Lenin’s burial

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, joined the election campaign in 2018, commented on the appeal of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov removed from red square and bury the body of Vladimir Lenin. In her Facebook she wrote that this issue “for free elections and referendums should decide the Russian people, not the President.” Thus on 24 October in an interview with blogger and journalist Yury Sobchak Dude said that one of the first of its decisions in case of victory in the elections will be a decree to remove Lenin from the mausoleum, because the “finding of the body on the main square of Moscow —beyond good and evil, and Russia is not a medieval country.” November 2, Ramzan Kadyrov said that the decision about the burial of Lenin to be taken by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. “I am personally convinced that pretty to stare at the corpse

The investigation has refused to link avrahamov and death of er patient

Investigators Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky stopped the criminal case against the ambulance, the suspect in late helping the 21-year-old local resident, and avrahamov not missed the ambulance. This was reported on the website SUCK in the region. It is clarified that the case was dismissed in connection with absence of structure of a crime — forensic examination established that the patient was poisoned components of household liquefied gas, his death was most likely instantaneous and unavoidable. The actions of the driver, not so the ambulance was not aimed at deprivation of life. The incident occurred on the evening of 10 January in the street Tsiolkovsky. Ambulance car with the included spetssignalami was headed to a call of a 21-year-old man who became ill. However, the driveway to the road blocked the car at which wheel there was a woman. As a result, the team to reach the patient, took 13 minutes instead of

The SBU said about the detention of preparing riots in Ukraine Russians

The SBU said about the detention of preparing riots in Ukraine Russians Field investigators of SBU detained two citizens of Russia for the activities associated with the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, said the Agency. The names of the detainees are not known, one of them sent the other is under investigation. The security service of Ukraine announced the arrest of two Russian citizens, one of whom accused in the preparation of the protests “on orders from Moscow” and the other in the arson of the car of the Deputy on order from Russia and the preparation of the bookmark near the railway. In a message posted on the website of the SBU, the names of Russians not named. It says that one of the Russians pursued an active search of citizens of Ukraine who were ready to organize protests and block highways. “On behalf of the curators it