North Korean defector reveals the plans of the DPRK under US attack

Tae Yong Ho

A former North Korean diplomat Tae Yong Ho said at the hearings in the US Congress that a pre-emptive attack on North Korea would automatically lead to retaliation. On Thursday, November 2, reports The Independent.

According to him, in the case of such a situation, Pyongyang uses artillery and jet system of volley fire, which will target the border areas of South Korea. “The North Korean officers are trained to click without any additional orders of the General command, if something happens on their side,” explained Tae Yong Ho.

On 5 October it was reported that in case of conflict, a nuclear attack by Pyongyang on Seoul and Tokyo may lead to the death of over two million people. Expert evaluations are based on the fact that in the Arsenal of the DPRK has 25 nuclear warheads for ballistic missiles and they will all be used simultaneously. Defined and power charges — from 15 to 250 kilotons. According to the worst option, simultaneously will die of 2.1 million people, various injuries will receive up to 7.7 million.

In September, U.S. military analysts estimate that in the event of armed conflict between the United States and the DPRK, his victims will become about 20 thousand civilians in South Korea.

Tae Yong Ho was reported missing in August of 2016 from the Embassy in London shortly before returning home. Later it became known that he, along with his wife and children fled to South Korea. His family was taken under the protection of the government. August 20, Pyongyang accused Tae Yong Ho divulging state secrets and illegal embezzlement.