Near St. Petersburg, nine-year-old boy inhaled a lot of deodorant and dead

In the village of Russko-Vysotskoe of Leningrad oblast nine-year-old baby died after inhaling the contents of the deodorant-spray, reported on Friday, November 3, Near his body lay a package and aerosol.

Day on 2 November, the body of a child found the father returned home. He did to the boy artificial breath, but was unable to save him. As noted the family of a prosperous student, his parents were not prosecuted.

The press service of the Investigative Committee said that traces of violent death were found. The Agency is investigating the case as regards 1 article 109 of the criminal code (“Causing death on imprudence”).

In October in the town of Volosovo of Leningrad region from gas poisoning died 17-year-old, reported, “the St. Petersburg diary”. According to the publication, he and his friends breathed the contents of gas canister for refilling lighters.