Irkutsk businessmen have learned to heat their homes with cryptocotyle

Two entrepreneurs from Irkutsk has developed a system of heating houses at the expense of cryptococcal — powered devices on the basis of farms for mining cryptocurrency. About it reports on Thursday, November 2 Вести.Ru.

According to businessmen, this boiler provides heat on average 14 square meters of housing. “This prototype provides the house with hot water and brings the owners income. And given the growth rate of bitcoin, the house earns more and more” — the newspaper notes.

Cryptococal looks like a normal system unit, which summed up the silicone tube with the liquid coolant. It is heated and then distributed throughout the room via the pipe. It is noted that on average, each month mining farms, which operate the device, extracted $ 430 bitcoin.

Entrepreneurs have also developed a project of a modular mobile homes, a heated two cryptococcoma. Business plan to 2020 to build two thousand of cryptodomes. According to their calculations, the average household will allocate to mining 10 kilowatts of electricity, will receive, in addition to the free heating, 25-30 thousand rubles a month.

Bitcoin exchange rate November 2, has updated the historical maximum, having risen above the level of seven thousand dollars. This happened after the statements of the world’s largest exchange operator CME Group Inc plans to start trading cryptocurrency futures until the end of 2017.