HIV develop the moral immunity

HIV develop the moral immunity

The Ministry of education does not want the youth talked about condoms.

As it became known “Kommersant”, the Ministry of education scandal associated with the online lesson on the prevention of HIV infection for students. Performers of the Internet project refused to comply with the requirements of officials in advance to agree on the answers to users ‘ questions, and recommendations “to talk about morality in order to escape the slippery” and avoid words like “condom”. In what form 1 Dec will be a traditional lesson it is not yet clear.

All-Russian Internet-a lesson for HIV prevention, dedicated to the world day of struggle against AIDS 1 December is conducted by the Ministry of education and science in 2015. In 2016, the Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva ahead of the action noted that the issues of combating the spread of HIV infection among children and adolescents, given the complicated epidemiological situation are traditionally in the focus of attention of the Ministry of education and occupy an important place in the complex of measures on preservation and strengthening of health of children and young people. And “the use of preventive measures in educational institutions such innovative methods as an open Internet lesson will help you to more effectively cope with the existing problem of” leading the Ministry’s position, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

2 Nov workshop on preparing for the next online lesson was conducted by the Deputy Director of the Department of state policy in the sphere of protection of children’s rights Ministry of education and science Larisa Falkowski. “The first-ever meeting in the Ministry of education ended in scandal is my fault: I refused to write the texts of the answers of the participants of the open online lessons for HIV prevention” — says the head of the group of non-profit organizations that implement projects in education and related fields, “Centre of modern educational technologies” Sergey Bulanov (executor of the project of an open class).

According to him, the officials concluded that it was “unacceptable” to use the word “condom”, and then the meeting was stopped.

The project officials proposed to abandon the practice of using video pre-prepared answers and encourage discussion on the issues of prevention in the form of games, such as staging a battle between student teams from the two regions. “But we were recommended to talk about morality in order to escape the slippery,” complained Sergei Bulanov. He added that “the theme is widely presented in school education, but at present, the Ministry of education has taken an amazing position based on the substitution of HIV prevention (mainly personal care) prevention of moral values”.

In addition, equating the risks of infection only to antisocial behavior is incorrect and wrong, the expert believes: “30% of infected women were infected by the only with your life partner can we be accused of antisocial behaviour? HIV-positive adolescents who are infected from birth, not anti-social way of life.”