Hawking predicted the destruction of humanity by robots

Stephen Hawking

According to British physicist, Stephen Hawking, the rapid development of artificial intelligence is a threat to humanity, writes Daily Mail.

“If now people develop computer viruses in the future someone will be able to create artificial intelligence that will be able to improve and reproduce itself. This will become a new form of life, which will superior to man,” said the scientist, adding that the machines in the pursuit of efficiency may wish to get rid of people.

However, if this does not happen, people at risk to kill themselves. “We have passed the point of no return. The earth is becoming too small for us, the population is growing at an alarming rate”, concluded the physicist.

To escape death, according to Hawking, humanity can greater involvement of people in science, to be able to start colonization of other planets.

October 26 reported on the establishment of self-learning artificial intelligence that can bypass the protect sites from bots.