British MP sacked after the compliment “beautiful young woman”

Kelvin Hopkins

MP from the labour party Kelvin Hopkins was suspended from work in the British Parliament because of the suspicion of sexual harassment. On Friday, November 3, reports the Telegraph.

27-year-old Ava Atemajac (Ava Etemadzadeh) reported that 76-year-old politician was sent to her on the phone “indecent messages”. In particular, the man called her “attractive” and “beautiful young woman”.

“Any nice young man would be happy if he was a girl and girlfriend, like you. I’m sure soon this will be. If I was a young (…), but it’s not. I’ll always be your friend if you ever need help from a friend, you have my number,” wrote Hopkins.

The labour party confirmed that they are investigating this case.

On 1 November, British defence Secretary Michael Fallon has resigned after a similar scandal. Journalist Julia Hartley-brewer said that 15 years ago a man tried to touch her knee at the dinner at the Conservative party conference, she threatened to slap him for it. The Sun says that this man was just Fallon. As he admitted that he once allowed himself the liberty against Hartley-brewer, but noted that long apologized for this act.