Away from the vacuum

Away from the vacuum

As a national Park won the national same trade. Or why Pomors they leave home.


In lopshen’ga, as in any Pomeranian village houses are the Windows to the White sea — the people here are always fed by the sea, lived by the tides, winds and water rising.

Peter zosimovicha of Mizerov — native Lopshenga, he recently celebrated the 80-th anniversary. Mizerova — old Pomeranian name. Peter zosimovicha from 1959 he worked in the fishing collective farm “Zarya”. He says: “Earlier fashioned way worked. Went to sea for half a kilometer. The weather was not, we saw what the wind is. If the North or North-West so it to the storm and work should be rolling faster. Boats with motors were not, went rowing on karbash. Put the stakes to them loads-stones 100 pounds. Network attached to the stakes, and the pots were with the other side. The boiler is these gates with legs, a fish about to go in, but not out”.

The fish handed over to the Petrominsk. There the plant was. And in autumn and winter, we fished the cod in Unscol lip. Winter took the horses and froze on the ice.Peter Myzerowaste resident

Now a fish processing plant in Petrominsk no. The rusty skeleton of large gates points to the former checkpoint. The body of the plant and the wooden barracks with no signs of life. Marina Petrominsk almost rotted, and no longer needed such a big Marina. Before they brought on the fish and farms, and private traders. From here it was taken away by ships sent helicopters into the country. Now more depressing than the Petrominsk, perhaps, could not be found on shore of the White sea: if you deprive people of work, desolation occurs very rapidly.

Kills local fishing national Park “Onega Pomerania” that emerged in 2013. The goal was a good one — saving the forest wealth of region. In the forests there are wild game and animals —ducks, black grouses, foxes, bears. Taiga — the huge pine and spruce trees, moss of different colors from emerald to white. Beautifully at ease, the air salubrious. The Park has an area over 200 thousand hectares. Now where there are seals and ringed seals, are protected from poachers.