6 most popular Russian tuberov 2017

6 most popular Russian tuberov 2017

Playboy made a selection of the most popular Russian videoblogger YouTube’s got a lot of fame in 2017.

It seems to us that someone famous ruined, and to whom, on the contrary, benefited, but still you decide!

1. Amiran Sardarov

Amiran — shocking video blogger who calls himself “animal” and “male”, Creator of the popular channel “Diary Hacha”. In his videos he talks about the luxurious life, filled with parties clubs and restaurants with the famous friends and, of course, girls, publishes scandalous, often violating ethical subjects.

Publication of Amiran Sardarov (@amiran495) Oct 28 2017 11:12 PDT

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However, in his interview with Amiran often speaks about current social issues, helping the seniors, and just people in need. We found a video about grandpa with “River station” and the story of his salvation.

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2. Nikolay Sobolev

Sobolev appeared in an interesting project Rakamakafo, where together with Guram Narmania staged pranks (social experiments), based on the reactions of people to unusual situations captured on a hidden camera.

Publication of Nikolay Sobolev (@sobolevv) Jun 20, 2017 at 4:38 PDT

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Widely known Sobolev gave the participation in the programs of “Let them talk”, dedicated to the rape case Diana Shurygina, where he was troubled by the behavior of the girl, accused her of insincerity, prudence, and attempts to become popular through this story. By the way, one talk show Sobolev did not stop.