Wanting to experience the euphoria, the British executed a teenager.

Gemma Lily

The Briton Gemma and Lily were convicted for the torture and brutal murder of a teenage autistic in Western Australia. About it reports The Independent.

According to the newspaper, the woman was executed 18-year-old Aaron Pajich at his home in Perth, and after buried him, covering the grave with concrete and tiles.

According to Lily, she wanted to kill someone until that moment, as she turns 25 years of age to experience real euphoria. The woman shared her plans with a neighbor, 43-year-old Trudy Lennon.

The convicted mother admitted that her daughter has always been fascinated by stories about serial killers. At the age of 16 she wrote a book about SOS killer, which contained many scenes of torture.

The investigation revealed that Aaron went to Lily to help her to install a computer program. While he did, the woman came behind him and began to choke him with a wire, and then three times stabbed in the heart. Lily said that after the murder, “feel what you never felt before.”

The mother of Aaron, called the killers “disgusting animals”, wishing that they would for the rest of my life spent behind bars. It is noted that the neighbor is a Brit, his involvement in the murder denies. According to the woman, “she only helped clean up the apartment after the murder.”

The verdict in the case of Lily and Lennon will be announced in February 2018.