Vitali Klitschko was suspected of corruption

Vitali Klitschko

National Agency for combating corruption in Ukraine (NACP) was summoned for questioning of the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko. Reports about it “Strenia”.

In the order of publication was a copy of the official notice Klitschko about a call on interrogation. In NACP Klitschko announced that he had received information about a possible violation of the law and begin to gather information on this fact.

The reason for this was the investigation of the program “Schemes” (project of “Radio Liberty”, leaving the Ukrainian 24 TV channel). It says that Klitschko 17 Aug flew to Kiev from Naples on a private jet together with the developers of the Ukrainian capital Maxim Mikitsey and Vadim Stolar.

Klitschko said that he had met Mikitaka chance and bought a ticket on a direct flight to Kiev because I wanted to avoid flights with connections.

In NACP saw the signs of an administrative offense and invited the mayor of the capital of Ukraine for interrogation, which will take place on 2 November.