Ural pensioner appealed to Putin for voodoo dolls and icons

Police Kachkanar launched an investigation into the criminal case of fraud against the 77-year-old pensioner, whose attackers thanks to a clever script lured 2.5 million rubles for four years. On Thursday, November 2, reports Znak.com.

The details of the story published edition of the “New Kachkanar”. In 2013, the woman heard on the radio advertising the services of a psychic who gets rid of alcohol dependence, and appealed to a certain Miroslav to help her drunken relative. Miroslav said to put it on the expense of 150 thousand roubles and, having received money, disappeared. Then the woman called the man introduced himself as an investigator of the Prosecutor General of Moscow by Knapkins. He said that Miroslav was killed in a shootout, while resisting, and in his house found traces of sacrifices, and 26 voodoo dolls, signed by name and surname. 25 people with the same initials was dead, said Knapkin and 26th, the only living one from the list, was a pensioner.

“The investigator” advised the woman to remove the curse from 96-year-old man by the name of Matthew N., who told the client that uses the prayer of withdrawal of the conspiracy, Jerusalem candles and the gold icon, which is 150 years. Suddenly the old man died, but managed to bequeath the retired icon, the carriage in which “prosecution” was estimated at 380 thousand rubles. After receiving the money with the woman was contacted by a father Onufry and asked to add another 240 thousand. On the way the vehicle icon is crashed by crashing into a tree, and the pensioner paid the consequences. Then in the “Prosecutor’s office” started checking, and “office” were asked to transfer another 248 thousand, and then another 600 thousand to recover a database after a hacker attack.

The woman was unable to find the money and wrote a letter to the President Vladimir Putin. The letter fell to the investigators of the police of Kachkanar. “The scheme is cleverly organized criminals operate with a sophisticated fantasy is probably traces of lead in some of the colonies,” said police. They added that, if the pensioner will continue to transfer money to fraudsters, they are “connected” to the case of the Abbot of Kachkanar Orthodox Church father Gennady.