The United States decided to tell the world about American pedophiles

Convicted of pedophilia Americans will receive a special stamp in the passport, with which they travelled abroad. On Thursday, November 2, reports NBC4i.

The US state Department announced the beginning of the procedure of review of documents from the Americans, earlier convicted for sexual offences against children and youths. Instead of the old passport, the owner will receive a new, which will contain a special mark on the criminal sexual preferences of its owner.

On the back flyleaf of such passports will be placed the inscription: “the Bearer was convicted of committing a sex crime against a minor in accordance with the laws of the United States.”

The us state Department has said that it will begin to send out notices of replacement of passports of these citizens after receiving access to the database of the Department of homeland security. This Agency is the only Agency that can add or remove anyone from the list.

The foreign Ministry said that a special mark will not affect the ability of Americans to travel outside the United States. However, entry into some countries may be closed. Officials also explained that its decision they expect to make a contribution to the fight against sex tourism.

The U.S. passport — a document certifying American citizenship abroad. For ID domestically in the US often use social security cards or driver’s license.