The journalist suggested the way to save for old age and came under a barrage of criticism

Gene Chatzky

Editor of the American channel NBC, and a Finance expert Jean Chatzky (Jean Chatzky) outraged Twitter user recommendations on how much money each person should save and how much to save up to 30 and 60 years. Per day on tweet journalist was left more than a thousand reviews. This writes the

Jean Chatzky (@JeanChatzky)
01 November 2017, 13:15

“By the time you turn 30, you should aim to accumulate an amount equal to your annual income, and defer it until retirement. In 40 years you should have in reserve an amount equal to three years income. In 50 years, or six annual income at age 60 or eight, and pensions to accumulate ten annual income” — advised Chatzky.

In response to the recommendations of the expert received a flurry of comments from disgruntled users who were quick to tweet Supplement Cacci witty clarification or laugh habit typical of Americans to spend money on coffee and food in catering instead to prepare their own meals.

“If you bring coffee with you from home, and not sent for serving at Starbucks, then were able to implement the plan,” said blogger nick @a_frances34.

“As we know, planning meals and cooking meals for the week ahead on Sunday evening to guarantee a retirement in 60 years” — she answered @nandelabra.

The girl account @TechnicolorKim asked gene Chatzky another tip, simultaneously ridiculed a generation of Millennials who are ready to invest in unpromising projects and not think about old age: “I’m about 30 years and I am again going to remove the post-Doc-fil. The right thing to do?”

The term retirement age in the United States depends on the year of birth. Americans and American women born before 1937, retire at 65. Born later and before 1955 are eligible to retire in 66 years. And men and women who were born in the 1960-ies will begin to receive a pension from 67 years. Raising the retirement age in the United States caused a steady increase in life expectancy.