The death toll in the incident in new York increased to six

The number of deaths as a result of arrival of the truck at people and shooting in new York’s borough of Manhattan has increased to six, and several people were injured, reports CNN.

The incident occurred at 15:15 local time (22:15 GMT). It is noted that the truck driver sent the vehicle into people on the bike path, crashed into a school bus and then opened fire on the people.

According to sources Fox News channel, the driver shouted “Allah Akbar!”. It is reported that police wounded the suspect in the leg and detained him. The guards think that the hitting was done intentionally, the site is the anti-terrorist unit of the FBI. As in the case of the European terrorist attacks, pick-up in new York was rented.

It is noted that the hitting was carried out near the skyscraper One World Trade Center. It is built near the place where were the twin towers destroyed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Background: In new York, the driver of the car shot passers-by