The brain of animals was the same energy as the human

The brain of animals was the same energy as the human

Rodents and chimpanzees spend maintaining the functioning of the brain a smaller portion of calories than people. But marmosets, back and igrokam have to give the brain nearly the same proportion of dietary energy as us.

One of the main mantras of evolutionary biologists in talking about the origin of man is: “the Human brain is a very clever and useful, but requires a lot of energy; to feed the greedy neurons, we spend 25% of the required minimum energy we get from food”.

It is also assumed that we, Homo sapiens, spend on maintenance of the brain much more than other animals.

A study by two biologists from Duke University (USA), published yesterday in the Journal of Human Evolution, puts the latest performance questioned. According to Doug Boyer (Doug Boyer) and his co-author Harrington, Arianna (Arianna R. Harrington), brains are expensive not only to people.

NewsScientists have disproved the myth record “gluttony” of the human brain

The energy used by our cells, the blood is transferred in the form of glucose. The more blood passes through the body, the more glucose he gets. Boyer and his student measured the diameter of the cross-sections of the holes in the bones through which the arteries that supply blood to the brain. Vessel can shrink and expand under the influence of different factors, but its maximum volume is limited by the cross-sectional area of the cavity in the bone.