Student in the US fed classmates fizzy candy with cocaine

Two seventh graders in the U.S. state of Indiana was in intensive care after a classmate gave them fizzy candy, which was cocaine. Reported by the New York Post.

“My son was like cotton, he couldn’t walk (…) He told me he can’t breathe, I immediately asked school staff to call an ambulance,” — said the mother of one of the boys.

According to the mother of another victim, within half an hour her son could not speak. Both student hospitalized, in their blood, doctors discovered a psychoactive substance.

The school confirmed the incident, noting that teachers will hold a special briefing on how to act in such situations. “Someone must be held accountable, perhaps the child’s parents, who gave him [candy]. Because somewhere they appeared,” say the relatives of the victims.

In West Virginia after Halloween parents of three girls found heroin among the sweets, which were distributed on the occasion. In addition, in Wisconsin in a bag of candy and found a package of methamphetamine.