Post oligarch living. What happened to the business from the 90s?

Post oligarch living. What happened to the business from the 90s?

At the forum in Sochi President of Russia Vladimir Putin told an anecdote about the wife of bankrupt tycoon. The anecdote he remembered looking at sitting in the hall banker P. Aven, but said that he’s “all good”. What happened to the other members of the “seven bankers” from the 90s?

In 1996, the Financial Times published an interview with Boris Berezovsky, in which he mentioned the term “seven bankers” and transferred to the oligarchs who took control of a large part of the economy, influenced the political decision-making. Two decades later not everyone was able to stay afloat.

Died in poverty

Berezovsky himself after a failed political intrigue during the elections of 1999-2000 was declared wanted. The oligarch was accused of fraud, money laundering, the attempt to seize power. Since September 2003, Berezovsky lived in great Britain as a “political refugee”. In 2009 a court in Russia found him guilty of embezzling 140 million rubles from “LogoVAZ” and “AVTOVAZ” and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment.

In 2008, the state of Berezovsky was estimated at us $ 1.3 billion. But after a series of courts, which he lost to his former partners, capital began to melt: the oligarch had to fire assistants, almost all of the security, to sell a few houses. In 2011 his ex-wife sued compensation of 220 million pounds.

Once the richest person in Russia died on March 23, 2013 in London almost a pauper — his debts were estimated at 309 million pounds.

Circumstances of death are not reliably established, priority version is suicide. Recently, the Internet spread a photo of the grave of Berezovsky — a modest and well-groomed.

Here is the grave of Boris Berezovsky after 4 years after his death

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The founder of Inkombank Vladimir Vinogradov began his career in promstrojbanka of the USSR. In 1992, was a member of the entrepreneurship Council under the President of the Russian Federation, one of the largest financiers of the country. But after the 1998 crisis, the Bank burst. Vinogradov suffered a heart attack and several strokes. They say his family had to move into a rented flat. Having difficulty with tuition for son.

In the early 2000s, Vinogradov has founded several leasing companies, but the business did not go. He died on 29 June 2008 in Moscow after a stroke, he was only 52 years old. Funds for the funeral, raised by former employees of inkombanka.

Living abroad

The fate of the owner of “Yukos” Mikhail Khodorkovsky is known to all: the arrest in 2003, two trials (accused of fraud, tax evasion, etc.), long-term imprisonment.

December 20, 2013 Mikhail Khodorkovsky was pardoned and on the same day taken to Berlin. Received a residence permit in Switzerland.

Today in Geneva in the name of Khodorkovsky was a number of companies. Forbes estimates his capital at $ 600 million. According to the latest data, he lives in London. 20 Sep 2014 he first declared his presidential ambitions. Later promised to Fund the opposition.

Vladimir Gusinsky owned the BRIDGE-Bank, but is remembered as the founder of NTV. In June 2000 he spent 3 days in prison on charges of fraud, has been released under a subscription. Then he went abroad. At Gusinsky was not only Russian and Israeli citizenship. In 2007 he was awarded citizenship of Spain, proving that he is a descendant of Jews expelled from the country in 1492