Poland will tighten policy in respect of Ukraine

Polish foreign policy towards Ukraine will be revised. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski, reports on Thursday, November 2, “Radio Poland”.

According to him, Warsaw was aware of the importance of relations with Kiev and independence of Ukraine, which is an essential element of Poland’s security. “But the Ukrainians, realizing this, decided that the issues that divide us, that is, historical questions, must take second or third plan. But it can’t be”, — said the head of the Polish foreign Ministry.

He added that currently began the procedure, which allows to impose a ban on entry to Poland people who hold radical anti-Polish position, as the ordinary Ukrainian citizens and the authorities.

“We do not agree with the annexation of Ukrainian territory in violation of international law and aggression on the part of Russia, however, in bilateral relations we will ask with Ukraine,” — said Waszczykowski.

In the context of the recent ban on the poles to carry out exhumations in the territory of Ukraine Waszczykowski did not exclude the cancellation of his visit and the visit of President Andrzej Duda in Kiev.

On 4 July the head of the Polish foreign Ministry issued a statement that Warsaw will be against Ukraine’s integration into the EU as long as between the two countries is not resolved historical disputes and issues of the Polish minority. “The situation [in relations between Ukraine and Poland], of course, in matters historical. Our message is clear: Bandera in Europe will not be”, — pocherknula Waszczykowski.